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By dazastah Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:11 pm
Lampdog wrote:I haven’t looked lately but does anyone have any new fave apps they’re using that the rest of us need to check out?

Damn Lamp! I always check this for your suggestions :lol:

Nothing new has popped out but the erhu in gb on a ios device with pressure support is crazy.. I used it recently in a theatre production show and peeps where asking who the violin player was :smoker:
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By Lampdog Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:13 pm
YOU, are on a whole 'nother level tho. Not a surprise at all.

Last app I tried out I think was Synth One. Amazing what they have done FOR FREE.

I keep telling myself to get more into Thor because I KNOW how strong it is, I've just never EVER used it in a beat. I NEED to get at it.

Other than that. My first ios synth go-to is Animoog, because of they way you can control the onscreen keys. It's NOT traditional at all and I LOVE this "anistrophic" synth. It's basically a touch pad with keys on it. Slide your fingers across up or down and it's ridiculously fun. It's also imo the closest ios synth I have that sounds like my Moog Subsequent-37......and I'm going to STRESS this for peeps who want a Moog but have peanut butter and jelly pockets. GET Animoog if you want a cheap flexible Moog.

My second IOS synth go-to's at the moment are Sunrizer and Magellan equally.
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By Lampdog Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:58 pm
FM Player 2, $7 on IOS, have to look into my budget next week.

For that classic 70's - 80's sound I use the Korg iPolysix.

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By justineastwick Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:52 pm
Just letting y’all know that if you update your iPad/iPhone to iOS 13, you can transfer data seamlessly from your iPad/iPhone to your MPC Live/MPC X and vice versa.
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By Lampdog Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:09 pm
That will help A LOT of people who want to import samples.
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By Lampdog Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:56 pm


Yonac KASPAR: a monster 24-osc synth is heading for the iPad!

There's nothing ghostly at all about KASPAR, we think!

A new synthesizer heading to the iPad is always promising news, not just for iOS musicians, but for fans of synthesis on all platforms. Set to launch on June 20, Yonac KASPAR looks like it could be a great iOS alternative to “monster synthesizers” like KV331’s SynthMaster. The latter isn’t available on iOS, though there’s the free SynthMaster Player with a huge collection of presets coming from the synthesizer’s desktop version.

The available intel on KASPAR is very short, but a video is worth a thousand words. From the promo clip, we can easily tell that the synth has three wavetable oscillators to play with, but that’s not all! According to the developer, KASPAR runs up to 24 oscillators, 8 filters, 8 arpeggiators, and 2 effect buses simultaneously. Can you say “packed”?

As it comes to be expected, modulation options are in abundance as well. Like many modern synthesizers, KASPAR boasts an X/Y pad for “morphing” between effects parameters, similar in spirit to the KORG Kaoss Pad, or Logic Pro’s familiar ES2 synth. Movements on this pad can be recorded and automated, which allows for dynamic modulations not usually possible on the typical modulation routing matrix.
If that’s not enough, you can also program polyphonic aftertouch to be used with MIDI controllers, or layer multiple sounds together for multi-timbral functionality. Overall, KASPAR seems like the sort of synth that leaves few stones unturned, and takes full advantage of iOS devices’ growing processing power. iOS musicians absolutely deserve full-fledged, full-sounding synthesizers on their big and powerful iPads.

Release date
If everything goes well, KASPAR will hit the App Store on July 20, both as a standalone app and as an AUV3 plug-in for compatible hosts like GarageBand, Cubasis, and Auria. The price for the synth isn’t known yet.

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By Lampdog Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:46 pm

SythMaster Player
by KV331 Audio

App Store Link: ... 55926?mt=8

The desktop version of SynthMaster has won a couple of awards and KV331 has clearly put as much thought into this iOS version. One thing to remember about SynthMaster Player is that its target audience is those who prefer working with presets over their own sound designs. However, there are plenty of preset parameters that you can edit and the free version comes with a pretty decent selection of presets. To really make the most of SynthMaster Player you’ll want to upgrade to the Pro version, which provides access to hundreds more as well as the option to purchase additional preset banks.

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By Lampdog Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:54 pm

Synthesis: physical modeling, frequency modulation, noise shaping
Semi-modular architecture; 2 modules with configurable routing
2 modulation sources: velocity and lfo-envelope. Almost every parameter can be modulated
Multimode filter, harmonic exciter and several types of amplifiers
Over 90 presets available, more coming soon
No samples used
Ultra low latency
6 tracks audio recorder
True 3d panning
Auto-quantization with configurable time-signature
Reverb and Delay effects
Audio-copy and wave export

Impaktor is a drum synthesizer with a vast sonic palette, that turns any surface into a playable percussion instrument.

You just slap your desk like you would a real drum. The real acoustical impulses from the built-in microphone are used as an excitation source for advanced sound modules that simulates behavior of membranes, cymbals, metallophones or strings. This makes Impaktor a highly responsive and expressive instrument.

With semi-modular architecture and several types of synthesis, Impaktor can produce a wide range of tones, from acoustic, like Tabla, Djembe, Marimba, Cymbals, Metal bars to electronic or industrial sounds.
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By Lampdog Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:02 pm

When it comes to virtual effects and instruments, Sugar Bytes don’t really do ‘normal’. Even Unique, on the surface a pretty conventional-looking software synth, manages to pack in a twist or two...

As with a number of their iOS music apps, Unique is actually a port of a desktop product, itself originally released some 10 years ago. The iOS version comes in separate iPad and iPhone versions with the same specification but different pricing (the iPhone version is only $4.99; a low-cost option to ‘try before you buy’ the iPad version). Both versions require iOS 10 or later and work with Audiobus, IAA, MIDI (including a MIDI Learn system) and Ableton Link. There is no AU support as yet.

Underneath the hood, alongside the fairly normal twin oscillator, filter, modulation, arpeggiator and effects-equipped engine components, Unique does have something... unique — its Vowel Filter option. OK, so there are other iOS synths that offer this kind of sound modulation, but the way it is implemented here does make it very accessible. And, as demonstrated by the impressive collection of presets, once you know your way around a little, you can coax some very interesting sounds out of it. Unique’s Vowel Filter might not be absolutely unique in the soft synth world, but it certainly provides an edge to the instrument and takes it beyond ‘just another synth’.

With all the main synth engine and effects controls housed across just two main screens, this is a synth that is approachable for the novice programmer, but which also offers enough to keep the synth PhD happy. The main screen houses the oscillators, mixer, filter — including those interesting vowel options — twin effects slots and a master section that also includes a nice tremolo effect. Flip to the Controllers screen and Unique provides four distinct types of synth modulation via an LFO, envelope, step sequencer and X/Y motion controller. As an introduction to the delights of parameter modulation, this is a lot of fun. Assigning parameters as targets for these modulation sources is as simple as tapping a control, holding, and then making a modulation source choice from the pop-up list that appears.

Of course, as with any software synth, the feature list counts for nothing if the sound doesn’t cut it. Unique, however, certainly ticks that particular box. Sonically, Unique does a pretty decent impression of an analogue synth and, when you consider its price, well, it’s remarkable that we can get something with this much character for such a low cost. Combine that with the options provided by the vowel filtering and Unique can give you some very attractive and engaging synth sounds to exploit.

Indeed, monitored through your studio speakers or a decent PA rig, Unique’s sound belies the size of the device producing it. No, Unique is not unique in the sense that there are no other software synths that offer vocal-esque textures, but it is a great performer in is own right, has a great UI, sounds fabulous and allows the user to blend those vowel elements into their synth sounds in a very easy fashion. Unique makes for an easy introduction to the often weird but almost always wonderful world of Sugar Bytes, and packs a punch that belies its modest asking price.

iPad $14.99, iPhone $4.99.

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By Lampdog Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:10 pm

The latest title in the KORG DS-10 series, now available for the iOS!
The KORG DS-10 series was an enormous hit for the Nintendo DS. Now, seven years later, it has undergone a further evolution while staying true to its original spirit. Now available is the KORG iDS-10, a portable synthesizer studio for iOS.

The KORG iDS-10 combines a cutting-edge analog synthesizer, voice synthesizer, and analog drum machine inspired by motifs from the original KORG DS-10. This iOS app gives you a hand-held system to easily create electronic music, which requires persuasive sound with a minimal number of notes.

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By Lampdog Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:27 pm

The Roli Seaboard 5D is a cool freeware app that provides the five expressive parameters available on the Seaboard Rise to owners of the iPhone 6s and 7—Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift. Moreover, the app is compatible with USB and Bluetooth MIDI, so you can play it from a wireless MIDI controller (and it’s particularly well-suited to those offering Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression). However, Seaboard 5D does not support AudioBus, Inter-app or the AudioUnit format.