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By angeloalves495 Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:47 pm
hi there

I am total newb regarding mpc's and my question is not which one is better but instead why should I get one over the other and vice versa. Simplicity of operating it, capability and sound quality are my priorities so if you please could share your thoughts about this subject that would be a huge help.

many thanks
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By MalaKai Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:48 pm
Having used both, my own personal opinion leans more toward 1000 w/ JJOS over 2000XL.

While the 2000XL is a classic and a good learning machine and has a better build and slightly punchier sound, it suffers from several drawbacks:

- Storage options are more limited. If you go the CF route you're limited to 2GB so if you work on a lot of projects with lots of sounds you'll need to constantly backup to a PC, other storage space.

- It is SLOW. To preview sounds the machine needs to load them first, and this can make your workflow suffer primarily if you're in the zone and have multiple ideas for song structure/melody in your head and you're looking for the right sounding drums, etc.

- Did I mention that it's slow? Resampling anything longer than a half second drum hit can literally take an hour or two.

- No global program edit. If you want all your sounds within a program tuned the same way you have to manually (one by one) change them to match.

- The screens tend to die. Luckily MPC-STUFF has new screens, but if you're buying a used old 2000XL prepare to make that extra investment. Somewhere down the line the original screen will give out.

- Cutting off pad sounds/muting is more difficult. You need to change the type of sound play on each pad, one pad is limited to muting 2 other pads, or you can set sounds to NOTE ON and you have to hold each pad down and time it with holding down other pads. In other words it's different from 1000/2500 where you can just set the sounds to play how you want and rock the pads without having to hold down pads. It's a different workflow in this regard.

- Older technology, no USB. SCSI drives...

I hate to knock the 2000XL because IT IS A DOPE MACHINE. It's rock solid, MIDI is on point. But I do have to mention that it is prone to crashing, much more so than 1000/2500. And I suspect more than people are willing to acknowledge. It's an easy machine to get attached to for various reasons. And honestly you would in all liklihood be happy with one. It's like an old trusty slot machine that still works after 20 some odd years, it does what it does and for the most part does it extremely well.


Taking into account JJOS and expanded feature set, massive speed and storage capacity increase and easier file transfer options (USB), I would suspect you would have less headaches overall with a 1000/2500.

Take my opinions with a grain of salt, search "2000XL vs 1000" and read what other people are saying before making a decision.
By angeloalves495 Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:22 pm
Malakai thanks very much for your honest opinion it was very helpful.
I read a lot about mpc1000 vs 2000xl on google and you are right, I just wanted to make sure as it is a very important investment that I am gonna make.
The reason why I wrote this post was because a friend of mine who has a mpc1000 said to me that he would prefer a mpc 2000xl because it is more simple to operate compared to the 1000, would you agree on that?
By angeloalves495 Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:14 pm
I have decided and I already bought the mpc 1000, now its the infernal waiting to receive it!
The seller said it comes with paid version of jjos 3 and I have been reading that people consider jjos2xl better could you please share your thoughts about it?
From reading a few articles I learned as well that the license is the same, so I could try both, is that correct?
Thanks for your help!!!
By JVC Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:45 pm
I can agree with most of things that MalaKai stated, but I've never had 2000XL crashed. When loading, saving and in sample edit mode, you might find it slow, but I’m not sure about 2000 being unstable.
It is a good, old, big, heavy machine (which is not necessarily a bad thing.) Easy to replace tact switches and rotary encoder. The weakest link is the LCD screen.
By richie Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:09 am
I've never had an issue with crashing on the XL. What I enjoy about the XL over the 1000 is the actual form factor. It's bigger and feels more of an actual professional instrument where as the 1000 is smaller and always came off as feeling more of a toy to me. I suppose I'd feel different if I had a 2500 but never got around to getting one, nor do I think I ever will.

Now, if you're getting a 1000 - do yourself a favor and do the rotary encoder upgrade. Even if the existing rotary encoder on your 1000 works, change it anyway. The metal rotary encoder is far more sturdier, stable and feels far more accurate in editing and navigating. The upgrade will cost you a max of $20 to do.
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By MPC-Tutor Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:21 am
With a JJOS3 license you can install any version of JJOS or even go back to the original Akai OS (your JJ licence is remembered if you re-install JJ later). IMO don't start upgrading or messing with it until you have spent some time getting familiar with it.

Enjoy your MPC1000!
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By Lampdog Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:46 pm
JVC wrote:... but I've never had 2000XL crashed.

For real? Mine has crashed many times over the years but it's not often, it does happen.