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By tsindt Tue May 15, 2018 12:36 pm
Hi everybody,

I have a MPC1000 with JJOS2XL and I use somethimes Gesit 2 to produce tracks. So I want to use my old AKAI MPC 1000 as MIDI Controller to trigger the Geist 2 pads in the standalone app (Windows 10; 64bit). But it does not work. I don't know why. I see in the upper left corner of Geist 2, that it is recieving MIDI Information when I trigger a pad on my MPC 1000. But this does not play the pad within the Geist2 engine.

I have checked, if the MPC pads are sending the right midi notes in my DAW REAPER 5 (by recording them) and they seem to be correct. But also in REAPER, Geist2 is not reacting to the MPC midi notes (not live and not to the recorded ones). Further, I have drawn the same MIDI notes in REAPER in the MIDI Editor beyond the original ones I have recorded from the MPC and Geist play the drawn ones!? Then I check the Midi notes from the MPC with another VSTi (Korg Wavestation legacy) and this synth will play the right notes when I press the MPC pads.

So, has anybody an idea?

Thank you very much.

P.S.: I have asked the same question in the Geist 2 forum from fxpansion, but I got no answer 'till now.