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By pedro666 Tue May 22, 2018 11:32 am
Hi guys, thinking about getting the 1000 and as an electribe user i know this thing is guna eclipse it.

However,the electribe does some things that i really like,one is on the sequencencer i can scroll through my different patterns and pick the one i want.can i do this on the 1000?

for example,i could have 10 different pattterns/sequnces and arrange them in order and let the mpc play thru them as a song,the electribe does this aswell...but sometimes i want to got back to a previous pattern/sequence at random.

I know the mpc has 'next sequence' button but cant see a 'previous sequence' it possible to scroll thru my sequences at random with the jog wheel?

il will be using this live and not in studio so being able to randomly go to other sequences while a song is playing is a must.