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By GTVnd Wed May 30, 2018 6:17 pm
Last ditch effort here:

I have been searching through the forums, trying every troubleshooting method I can come up with and just can't seem to figure out my problem.

Basically, when I try and import or record a midi sequence from an external sequencer/keyboard it almost never plays back correctly. Sometimes the sequence will skip an entire bar, sometimes only a few random notes will play, and even less frequently it plays back correctly. I have tested my gear with my friends MPC 2500, the sequencer on a sh-01, and even tried recording it into a DAW and everything else is working fine. So it has to be a problem with my MPC. :Sigh:

Has anybody else ever experienced this before? Is it a problem with the firmware that can't be addressed? Is there a really simple solution I am missing? Should I just give up and use something else?

Please send help.