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By tayeadil Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:47 am
6/8 Stanley wrote:Mostly using MPC2500 to make beats to play guitar to. MPC has plenty of samples from the previous owner on the hard drive so I haven't bothered hooking anything up to it other than sound system. Don't have any music programs on the computer except it's got VLC player that can loop mp3's etc. Computer has one audio out that goes to sound system.
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Sometimes like today I want to play along with my beats without hooking up MPC due to space limitation. Some of my guitar songs are like 12 minutes long so need to loop the drum tracks. Also will probably use simul sequence when I sort it out so will want to have 2 sequences playing same time. CD player on MPC is broken so that's not an option for now. I do have a usb cable for it though. Also have a CF card, haven't needed it though. Have the manuals (all 4 of them, AKAI, Beat making on MPC2500, JJOS128xl and OS-XL) but didn't see the answer.

I posted the thread which is slightly embarrassing.
There are some workarounds, like copying the audio to CF card as a long sample and importing it on usb , but since I go to a lot of trouble getting my MPC instruments placed for stereo, and since my songs are very long with a lot of vocal verses and very long instrumental breaks, that's not a very useful solution for me. On the other hand, Ill-Green's idea about the handheld 4-track that exports wav by usb sounds perfect.