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By metalfingers Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:29 pm
richie wrote:@metalfingers replacing the motherboard is what is done when they cannot figure out what the true issue is.

I hope that they have the 2500 service manual and someone there that could adequately test and possibly diagnose and test a few things. Replacing the entire mainboard over a CF card slot related issue is highly suspicious.

well the place i took it to specializes in mpc's and they're very reputable. It wasn't a CF card slot issue because the CF card slot has nothing to do with the mpc's internal quantization. Also the issue would happen with a cf card inserted and without a card in the reader. The quantize in my mpc would work sometimes (rarely) but 90% of the time it wouldn't (not sure if you saw the vids i posted). There's a reason why they sell the main boards, it's all electronics so nothing is beyond possibly having an issue wether it's the main board, cf card reader, etc.

and it definitely wasn't me having bad timing my timing is on point but the mpc itself just kept having that issue and there's only so many reasons why it would have that issue. They told me after they replaced the board the issue was gone and they installed my old main board in another 2500 and it had the same issue so seems like something was wrong with the board.
By metalfingers Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:34 pm
Menco wrote:Good to hear. Hope you’re back at banging out some good stuff.

thanks man, yea im off work today so actually going to get to cooking on this thing!

once i get my music online i'll definitely share