Exchange tips and tricks for the Akai MPC4000
By zfw Thu Aug 05, 2021 7:27 pm

I am controlling my Z4 with my external midi keyboard Novation SLmkii. I'd like to send CC and sysex from the novation to expand real-time control of the Z4.

First off, where can I find a full CC list for the Z4? I don't see it in the manual or in the "Z4/Z8/MPC4000 MIDI SySex Protocol Specification" document.

Beyond basic CCs, I like to use SysEx to control more specific functions. I've worked with Sysex on other machines (yamaha) successfully, but not sure how to go about it on the Z4.

I don't really understand Checksum but i see in the SysEx Spec doc 9on page 4-5) that you can turn the need of the checksum on/off.

I sent the following message to attempt to turn off: F0 47 5F 00 00 05 01 DV F7
DV is the novation term for varying byte. In this case it toggles between 01 (on) 00 (off)

The Akai then sent 2 messages back:
F0 47 5F 00 4F 00 4F 00 05 54 F7
F0 47 5F 00 45 00 05 01 00 4B F7

What do these messages mean? I see in the SysEx Spec (table 2) that 4F means OK (which would be great) but the following message contains 45 which indicates i don't know what 4B means...

What exact message do I send to disable checksum?

Lastly, a parameter I'd like to figure out how to control is "set zone filter" found in table 12. I see that Item should be 05 and Data should indicated what zone you control so 1-4. Can anyone tell me exactly what hex string I should send to control this parameter?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!