Reviews and questions about the entry-level MPC500
By lodevalm Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:54 pm

I want use the MPC500 as a midi sequencer in order to control other gears, so this is the set I'm using:
- A MIDI keyboard connected to the MIDI IN of the MPC
- The MPC itself set to receive on OMNI and with soft thru set to "As Track".
- A synth connected from the MIDI OUT of the MPC, set to receive MIDI on channel 2

In my current sequence I have 2 tracks with samples and I want to record midi notes to a third track set to type MIDI on channel 2 and program assign to the current program I'm using.
Then I start playing the midi keyboard and everything is fine: the synth plays the notes from the midi keyboard thru the MPC, as expected.
The problem comes when I play notes that are also mapped to the pads, because the sample of the pad plays with the synth note, which is bad!
This doesn't happen if I set the program of the track to an empty one.

So what I have to do? Is it the only solution having a "blank" program without samples to assign midi tracks or there is a less complicated way?
I thought that changing the midi channel of the pads would solve the problem in a more easy way but I didn't find it on the manual.

Thanks a lot!
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By Sharris Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:31 pm
Yeah as far as I know the only way around it is to not assign a program (or assign a blank program) to that specific track.

Why not just do that? Have you tried leaving the program space blank? I could have sworn this was possible, but I could be wrong.....when I turn my MPC 500 on, I start with a blank slate & it automatically includes an empty program, so I've never had to worry about it.

It's extremely fast to create a blank program. So if you HAVE to use a program under a track, take the 2 seconds to make a blank program & there you go, you're set for that entire session.

There are a ton of different workflows, not sure how you have your 500 set up, but even if you have to load a program on each track there are quick ways to always have a blank program ready to go.