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By TreHolla Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:53 am

I want to know how I would go about connecting the mpc 2500 to another sampler so that I can run it through the external inputs and I basically want to use another synth or sampler as an effects box but in real-time. So i put an effect on some drums or a sample, I can hear it and immediately sample it as I'm playing it.

Does that make sense?

I want to be able to hear the output of the mpc as its going through the effects processor, but still be able to sample it immediately.

I've got an 8 channel mixer if that helps. again all help and explanations will be be appreciated. thanks.
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By selecta jo Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:33 pm

one way of doing this: mpc outputs to mixer channels (you also could connect all the individual outputs to mixer channels). then connect your effects unit to a send of the mixer, but donĀ“t connect the return from the effects unit to the mixer aux return. instead connect the fx return to mixer channels also (that way you also have an eq after your fx-unit and before the mpc inputs!). then connect your second aux send to the mpc inputs and make sure to turn of input monitoring in the mpc or you will produce a feedback loop!

now you can send anything from the mpc to the mixer channels and hear it thru the main outs of the mixer. if you want to use the effects unit then turn on the first aux send on the mpc-channel to send the signal there and listen to the return signal on the fx-channel of the mixer (you have to mute the mpc channel fader while you listen to the wet signal or you will hear it double - but that also could be used to mix the dry and wet signals).

to sample the wet signal turn up the second aux send on the fx-return channel on your mixer to send the fully wet signal to the mpc inputs.

after you sampled the wet signal turn of the mute on the mpc channel to hear your new output from the mpc.

hope that is not too complicated - just think about what ways the audio signal travels thru the mixer, the mpc and the fx-unit and recognize that there are ways to split or merge signals into two or more ways, but not listening to all of them but only those you need to hear.

if you want a simpler setup then connect from the mpc individual outs to the fx-unit and the output of the fx-unit to the inputs of the mpc. your main outputs of the mpc remain conected to the mixer or directly to monitor speakers. to hear what you are sampling from the fx-unit turn on the "input thru" function with the input thru button as described in the mpc-manual.

peace, jo