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By Scott Righteous Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:59 pm
When you slice up a breakbeat and then create a new program, you have the checkbox to generate midi events. This is the coolest thing, because if your slices have swing, the midi events won't be quantized, but lined up perfectly end to end, with each slice potentially being a different length (ie: not quite 16th or 8th notes).

I often find that I'm messing around with slices and lose this midi track. Or, I want to trigger these from my DAW, so I set the program to have the pad note numbers be chromatic, and that throws off the entire sequence that was generated from the slices.

Is there an easy way to get this sequence back? Making a backup doesn't work if I reset the pad note numbers to chromatic. I can't choose that chromatic option when making a new program from a sliced sample, I have to do it after, and it ruins the midi events.

With unquantized slices, there is no way to figure this out by placing each slice by hand.

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By Monotremata Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:08 am
Well as long as you sliced them into regions, and not by threshold or manually, it doesn't matter how long each one is, each slice should still start on the beat its sliced to. The only way you would lose any swing from these is if you trimmed the extra space, the 'swing', in between the start of the slice and when the drum/note/etc actually hits.
Does that make sense hehe? So if you've got a loop thats got some heavy swing in it, and you chopped your loop into equal regions so it was say, 1/16th note slices, then just drop a note at every 1/16th step chromatically and you should be good to go! Set each slice to a one shot and it'll play the loop perfectly. But if there IS swing in there and you trimmed one of those 1/16th note regions to the start of the actual drum hit, you've just lost the place for it and shifted that slice to start at the drums exact time instead of at the beat division the it was originally chopped to start at.