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By andytlr Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:42 am
The first time I did it I recorded it to the MPC then saved it to the flash card. Opened it in an editor on the computer, saved it, assigned it to a pad in 'MPC Pad 187' and then loaded that program again in the MPC.

I did exactly the same thing the second time and it didn't work.

The third time I did all the editing and assigning on the MPC and it worked again.

So I still can't work out why it didn't work the second time. But it is working now.
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By 3rik Mon Aug 07, 2006 10:07 pm
thx, this is very very helpful
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By J2kxl Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:06 pm
Damm, props to all and many thanks.
By 313djbigyoungin Thu Mar 08, 2007 5:21 pm
ok my ninjas i had a problem i wanted to see if some one could help me with i just recently moved from being a fl studio beat maker to buying a new studio setup i now own a mpc 3000, a korg tr-rack, a casio 1000 keyboard, a new apple computer with logic express 7.2, and a turntable that i can sample with. but my problem is the mpc 3000 is frustrating i dont know how to hook up all of my equipment to run through logic. see this is what i am doing. i try to run thr usb midi from the computer to the mpc that dont work. i try to hook the rack up to my mpc that dont work i try to run the rack directly to the computer that dosent work.
to make a long story short i was just wondering what exactly am i doing wrong with my setup i tryed to ask my cousin eshawn about this but he's always gone and **** around with his studio and comeback attempt so if anybody had any suggestions please help if not gimme a price for the mp lol

dj youngin313
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By Lampdog Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:42 pm
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By UBANKRECORDS Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:48 pm
binger0 wrote:What would be some things that are esstiential for the 2kxl and we all got a little confused on in the beginning? Im seein people coming on here almost daily and askin the same questions. I think we need to cover some basics. Please add some things that your are gettin sick of answering.

where to get a Manual and the Most recent OS. These are at http://www.akaipro.com/int/download/
documentation is where the manual is at and the 2000's os is at Archives on the left hand side.

TIMING AND SWING. and Note Repeat
Timing (Quantizing) means that the MPC will fix your mistakes for you and move your note to the next availbele 1/16 note according to what setting it is on. That means 1/16 would meant that the MPC will put all the notes on the closest avalible note. People do like 1/8 note High hats patterns. U can hold down the Tap Tempo button and hold down the hat and it will play repeat to whatever setting. I make my hi hats patterns like this and light press up and down while im holdint the pad down.it makes it sound more real. Alot of people turn timing off on certain things that you dont want ROBOTIC timing. Like keys and bass lines. Or samples that need to be played between notes
Swing is located if you press open window on the timing field. In there you can adjust the swing which make you drum patterns more realistic. Try puttin it on 59. Then try it on 75. Hear that?
Also earlier and later mean that it moves the note a little forward or back according to the settings. Can make snares sound lazy if on later and can make them sound rushed on earlier.

Low End Theory. This is how you filter in PROG mode in Params the high frequencys out of a sample. The sample has to have a low end though. That means you can make bass lines out of anything. Just filter out the mids and highs. Also gets rid off hats and the mid range signals.
this was discoverd by Pete Rock and was a staple in the 90's hip hop scene. This is used by Primo, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and mad others. Sound dope on horns.

Phatz post on zoing (chopping) on the MPC. This is a staple of most of the producers here so learn this ish. Its when you take and sample and cut it up into little piecs so you can replay and maniputae or reaarganing a loop.
Phatz wrote:FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ASKING.............

ZONE mode
The ZONE mode allows you to divide a sample into a number of equal parts (from 1 to 16). This
could be useful, for example, if a 2 bar sample has 4 beats to a bar: dividing the sample into 8
would give you 8 zones of 1 beat each.
Hold SHIFT and press TRIM (or 5 on the numeric pad), then press ZONE [F3].
binger0=I just had to add when you are in ZONE go up to where it says
PLAY X:ALL, change that to PLAY X:ZONE now you will be able to audition the cuts. just hit the F6 button (PLAYX) in the zone screen.
Select the Zone: field with the CURSOR keys and press OPEN WINDOW.
Set the number of zones with the DATA wheel.
Press DO IT [F5] to return to the ZONE screen.
You can select each zone by turning the DATA wheel while in the Zone: field of the ZONE
Each individual zone can be edited from the EDIT mode (see the EDIT mode section).
Fine Adjustment of the Start Point of a Zone
Select the St: field in the ZONE mode screen and press OPEN WINDOW to open the Zone start fine window.

• Start:
Set the start point of the zone. Change the value with the DATA wheel. You can enter large
numbers by entering a number with the numeric pad and then pressing ENTER.
You can also enter numbers with thw CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT keys while holding the SHIFT
Note: If you adjust the start point, the end point of the previous zone will also change.
• Lngth=
The length of the zone (from the start point to the end point) is displayed. You cannot
change the value of this field.
You can enlarge or reduce the sample wave display by pressing ZOOM+ [F3] or ZOOM- [F2].
Press ZOOM- [F2] to display the entire wave and set a rough start point then press ZOOM+ [F3]
several times to make fine adjustments.
When PLAY X [F6] is pressed, you can play back the currently selected sound at full velocity
according to the settings in the PLAY X: field.
binger0=also when want to finish and send it out to the pads, you goto EDIT then Slice Sound. If you want a new program the MPC will assign the sounds to the PADs. NO Program means you have to manul assign them in Program mode. The Decay parameter means how much of a tail it will leave when it cuts so it can fade out nicely. 0 means that it will play back exactly how you cut it. But it will sound choppy. I use 20-30 depending on the sound. Experiment

the 16 levels button. LEARN IT. It is used for a lot of different applications. One is tuning. You can use it to make a Pads pitch go up and down so you can play samples like an instrument.

Also the Auto Chromatic feature in Programs the Params
AUTO button in Params.
This is how you can map a lsample on all 64 pads like a piano. Very cool feature.

And "how do I get the sample to stop playin over it self so I can do stutters and ish?"
goto prog and params and turn POLY in the bottom right to MONO. YOu can also turn it to note off. And it will play as long as you are holding it down.

alright first thing is to put all your sounds on seperate tracks on the MPC. Makes everything easier than just doing a whole beat on S:Track 01

put your hats on

and down at the lower corner is velocity. you can lower the individual sounds like that./

But defientily turn Full Level Off when doing drumz, cause it gives it a better feel and dynamics. Full level sounds all robot like and human drummers swing and play different velocitys to accent the rhtym.

Also learn how to use Step Mode. It is the first Fkey up at the top.
You can manually edit and place notes in your sequnece.
Also change tuning, duration, attack, decay settings.

Note Variation Slider.
Very helpful way to automate things like pitch (tune) of a sample and things like velocity and attack and decay. These movements you make on it can be recorded.

This is for all the newbies who hook up there mpc to a keyboard and dont understand why their is no sound coming out of the MPCs outs. MIDI SENDS NO AUDIO DATA. The Device that is being controlled by the midi datas outputs HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO WHERE THE MPC's OUTS ARE CONNECTED.
you can basically have 16 on each out so 32 devices daisy chained by one MPC. This all has with the gear you have and if there are thrus. Most professioanl midi gear has a thru port. MIDI holds sixteen channels. Thats why in track mode you see 1a, 2a,3a, excetra. Midi is pretty simple its just confusing to understand the basics. The M usic P roduction C enter. =MPC. is a MIDI sequencer. The only sounds that are coming from it are what the MPCs sequencer is telling the MPCs internal sampler. Hence loading samples. MIDI is basically remote control for all your stuff.
A midi controller keyboard or the MPC's pads would be control devices. The keys and pads are sending MIDI signals saying to the devices that HAVE the sounds in them to turn on and turn off at what velocity legnth the control device (pads, keys,) are played. People think that MIDI has anything to do with Audio. It is like if say I wanted to change channel 23 to 64 on the televison. I would type that into the remote control instead of getting up and pressing the actual buttons. MIDI is like that. So you can control then slave other device to the MPC. It will acts as the remote telling its sampler and your synth when to play that kick and sanre and those synth lines. The sequnecr means it records the MIDI data and plays back that data realtime. Thats what your doin when you are hit REC + Play You are sequencing.

Please read this if you own gear with MIDI ins and Outs and would like to incorrpetatr them into your production
This is the first thing a newbie should read about.
The MPC stands for MIDI production Center. You should know what a sequencer and MIDI is. That is a fundamental.

Please check out Lampdogs post. There are many good links for the new producer.
http://www.mpc-forums.com/viewtopic.php ... f586776b71

Here is one on beefin up drums
http://www.mpc-forums.com/viewtopic.php ... ory+filter

Also if you would like to post beats so others can hear your work get an account at
http://www.soundclick.com sign up and get a new account and u can upload beats for free.

Thanks so much. Not a new producer by any means just a new MPC user. Thanks alot binger
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By Lampdog Sun May 31, 2009 4:15 pm